15 Point Photo Inspection

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15-Point Crawlspace Photo Inspection

Here at Bloom we offer a 15-point crawl space photo inspection / estimate that can be used in many situations. Have a funny smell coming from your basement/crawl space and don’t know what it is? Selling your home and want to show potential buyers how great the crawl space looks? Think you heard something in your crawl space? Did you see something run out from under your crawl space? Whatever scenario you find yourself in, give us a call and schedule up your 15-point photo inspection today!

Our crawlspace estimate includes a comprehensive visual inspection of your crawlspace by one of our professional crawlspace technicians and include the following:

During the crawlspace estimate the technician will photograph any issues that are found and provide you with up to 3 digital pictures of what we find in your crawlspace.
These photos may include:
  • Signs of Rodent/Small Animals
  • Signs of General Pest Infestation
  • Signs of Dry Rot
  • Signs of Water Damage and/or Moisture
  • Signs of Mold
  • Any Damages
  • Garbage Found
  • Signs of Insulation Damage or Rot
  • Signs of Vapor Barrier Damage
  • Entry Points
  • Damaged Posts
  • Termite Damage
  • Signs of Ant Colony

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