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Why choose Bloom Crawl Space Services

Bloom Crawl Space Services is a locally owned & family run company. We strongly believe in giving our customers the peace of mind in knowing their job was done right the first time & we believe this so much that we give every customer a guarantee on our crawlspace services.

Home Crawl Spaces

Vapor barrier replacement and repair - Portland OR - Vancouver WAHave an issue in your homes crawlspace? Bloom Crawl Space Services is here to help. From Wet & Damp Crawl Spaces, Crawl Space French Drains, to repairing Damaged Crawl Spaces from rodent infestations, Bloom Crawl Space Services has the experience to fix your issues fast at a price that won’t break the bank. We are the experts in crawlspaces! Learn more about our Crawl Space Services by clicking the button below.

Sump Pump Services

crawlspace sump pump repair and installation - Portland OR - Vancouver WABloom Crawl Space Services is highly experienced in treating water in crawl space issues. Typically sump pumps are used in conjunction with french drains where water is diverted to a low point under the structure to a catch basin. A sump pump is placed in this catch basin, and once the catch basin is full, the pump automatically turns on pumping the water safely outside. Learn more about Sump Pumps…

Expert Assessments

Free Crawlspace Inspections - Bloom Crawl Space Services - Portland OR - Vancouver WAHere at Bloom Crawl Space Services we are happy to answer any questions you have and give you our expert opinion at no charge. We believe that you should have all the facts before you decide on the best course of action for your specific problem. That’s why we offer Free On-Site Inspections to determine your exact crawl space problem.
If you just have a question give us a call anytime for Free Phone Advice.

Crawlspace repair and vapor barrier installation - Portland OR - Vancouver WA

Vapor Barrier & Crawl Space Clean Ups

The crawl space is the underside of your home, and its health will determine the health of the floors above. Much can go wrong with a crawl space: pests, flooding, water damage, mold, rotting beams, and many other issues. As much as 70% of your homes air comes from your crawl space, so shouldn’t it be clean? At Bloom Crawl Space Services, we specialize in making the crawl space of your home as protected & healthy as it can be.

Crawlspace french drain installation - Portland OR - Vancouver WA

Crawl Space Drainage Solutions

Deciding on a new drainage system can be a complicated and frustrating task. Here at Bloom Crawl Space Services, we are experienced professionals in crawl space drainage systems. We offer free inspections and estimates and also guarantee all of our drainage systems. We install french drains and sump pumps, so call us today for your free no obligation inspection and quote.