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Wet or Damp Crawlspace?

Bloom Pest Control installs
French Drains
Sump Pumps
Comprehensive Drainage Solutions

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Portland Crawl Space Services

Bloom Crawl Space Services
covers both Portland and
Vancouver areas

  • Vapor Barrier & Crawl Space Clean Ups

    The crawl space is the underside of your home, and its health will determine the health of the floors above. Much can go wrong with a crawl space: pests, flooding, water damage, mold, rotting beams, and many other issues. As much as 70% of your homes air comes from your crawl space, so shouldn't it be clean? At Bloom Crawl Space Services, we specialize in making the crawl space of your home as protected & healthy as it can be.

  • Crawl Space Drainage Solutions

    Deciding on a new drainage system can be a complicated and frustrating task. Here at Bloom Crawl Space Services, we are experienced professionals in crawl space drainage systems. We offer free inspections and estimates and also guarantee all of our drainage systems. We install french drains and sump pumps, so call us today for your free no obligation inspection and quote.